Archives 2016

Films showing at the Magikal Charm Video and Film Festival, at the Anthology Film Archives,

32 2nd Avenue at 2nd Street, Manhattan,

February 9-11, 2016 at 7 PM.

Program Tues. feb. 9th 2016

Winter note – director mika altskan (russian federation)
the persistence of memory sets the stage for reflection on a Winter Eve

i dream in stereo – director. ken glaser (usa)
Ken Deep in the zone….stop, go, lie still

inside – director anna antonova (usa)
Exploring the piscean mystery. “now do what you wanna do what you wish come
on baby and swim like a fish”

a lonely heart in the crowd – director mollie kellogg (usa)
isolation, the drift,the counsel – the play
a surreal visual ride ..Love & heartache . written & performed by the
incognito witch set to music by ginger anxiety.

at the circus – Director christopher lamb (usa)
a man finds himself midway between darkness and desire. will he come back for
more life?

love is blind – director jarrett robertson (usa) seduction and revenge are
met in the eye(s) of the beholder.

liminal – director jane austin (australia)
inspiration…Dr. Jung’s female archetypes,myth & fable.
a digital hybrid exploring illustration,dance & poetry.

rosso papavero -director martin smatana (slovakia)
A surreal vision . the rpv induces the dream
tonight we celebrate martedi di grasso…come one come all..

ossein – director amiya yokoyama (usa)it’s pure,dissolving throughout you…
Seductive, Translucent gel.
feel the explosion of beginning in this place.

bit tuner – immune – director roland von tessin (switzerland)
martedi di grasso – fat tuesday. the procession of a soul.
sound, light, rhythm. the phantom journeys from firelit darkness to
galactic light.

pushing potion – director leon barnett (usa)
all aboard the transmongolian express…Making stops at
moscow, beijing, and the isles of japan. intermittent pauses in the
lands of dreams and memories.

solitude – director ken glaser (usa)
the dancer offers a moving meditation on the nature of lost love.

sprint to the past – director selkin Fedor (russian Federation)
time, place, and people. a “garden of forked paths”destiny, fortune,
and will have played their roles.

Program wed. feb. 10th 2016

take the highline – director peter meng (usa)
what’s that sign up ahead? next stop – the highline…
take a little trip with meng the morphologist.

the fisherman (el Pescador) director alejandreo suarez lozano (spain)
mr. wong departs victoria harbor in search of tranquility.
what he discovers exceeds his wildest expectations…

cold war christmas – director emma Penaz eisner (usa)
the poignancy of image, sound, silence….
what was lost has been found; but something is different.

the life you live…the lives you dream – director carole ricciardelli (usa)
careful what you conjure….

cradle to grave – director ken glaser (usa)
why are they here? where are they going? who are they?
can g – beam please explain?

the aspirant (el aspirante) – director juan gautier (spain)
is the price one pays for acceptance perhaps too high?

the dispersal – director alison ngyuen (usa)
a visual glyph marking the details of the relationship
between sculpture and film.

dead mall – director dustin morrow (usa)
a haunting meditation on a time when american perspectives
on consumerism and capitalism were vastly different from today.

the bowels of the universe (with shining knees) – director madsen minax (usa)
a gender variant entity in flux. an industrial landscape illuminated by
the radiance of the solar anus.

last night – director james knight (usa)
A contemplation on impermanence through a dog’s final searching
night of wandering through familiar places.

ants – director stoyan nikolaev (bulgaria)
Between the 2 of them they have 138 years of experience.
this can make for some hanky panky.

program thurs. feb.11th 2016

the sleep of reason – director tim halo (USA)
the sleeper paralyzed as the “old Hag” casts her spell.
the lantern of the hermit illuminates the world of the “shadow self.”

an heroic death – directors olivia rose & ryan kiggell (U.K.)
a fool sentenced to death… the jest gone too far.
a final performance for his capricious king.

marian – director shom ghosh (usa)
obssession, dreams, memory. a threatening potent silence
separating the lover from his beloved.

firefighter – director katherine hurley (usa)
1 woman…10 children…motherhood…varied, complex, all embracing.
each child encouraged to become

How to talk – director david carr-berry (usa)
a writer wanders through her internal landscape of dream imagery and nature
in an effort to find her voice

everything else (todo las demas)= director federico untermann( spain)
laura and miguel discover the limits of their love.

dark nebula – director craig oty (usa)
the cosmic dancer summoned,,,then dispersed.

a brother’s love – director jarrett robertson (usa)
3 sets of brothers …sacrificing,striving, struggling….
the street performer in N.y.c.

guisheppy’s – director oscar seidleman (usa)
guisheppy is the “iron chef”…”chopped” jurists wait in line…

color study – director steve mcguire (usa)
kandinsky painting on mini – dv film
the witches of the sun accompany the artist.

the stray – director ryan rozer (usa)
no animals or humans were harmed during the conduction of
this experiment

mousse – director john hellberg (sweden)
the job….stick up the bookie…easy $$$$$
Pride has its principles…but what happens when the crew doesn’t
see eye to eye?